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I am a highly emotional, self-reflective, analytical guy. I’ve taken 32 turns around the sun.

I think about how to enjoy life, work and relationships more than anyone else I know. I think about those things with respect to my own life and everyone I interact with & care about.
I can’t turn it off.

Being the most supportive version of myself that I can be for the people I care about is my #2 priority, right after deeply enjoying my own life. I genuinely think we can’t truly do the former, until we’re doing the latter.

Why Peak Enjoyment

My journey through all of whatever has taken place in my 32 turns around the sun has brought me to a couple of core foundational pillars that are the bedrock of how I think about engaging with the world, and what I want for my life. My #1 concept is that I want to deeply enjoy every single thing about my life as much as I can. The idea that life is about sacrifice and doing things we don’t want to do is my antithesis. I think I am best positioned to help coach people who also deeply connect with that mindset, and want to maintain it as a foundation in whatever change topics we are working on together.

A Note on Primary

I use the phrase Primary Relationships to mean anyone we feel has a significant role in our lives and is important to us. This can be romantic partners, close friends, family members, and other types of relationships.

I find that the deepest most satisfying relationships of any type are those where both parties involved never want the other person to be doing anything they don’t really want to do. I call this a no-sacrifice relationship development model

I think achieving that state in reality often involves a deep amount of both personal reflection and interpersonal work with someone who shares a similar mind set. It’s definitely not easy, but I think its incredibly worth it in ways that are hard to imagine.