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PILOT Program – Free Coaching Available

As part of my launch of this new coaching service I am offering a free 4-week coaching package for up to 10 approved clients.

Up to 4 free weekly coaching sessions @ 60 minutes each

Additional 4 weeks of coaching at a 50% discounted rate at $75/hour

Sessions conducted by video conference on Sunday or Monday between 10am-4pm

Currently accepting applications until January 16th, 2024

You can email me at with any questions or to begin the process

This may be for you if you…

Are actively working on or want to be working on developing a means of entrepreneurial income generation that you deeply enjoy and thrive with

Are actively working on or want to be working on improving your primary relationships & health, and while being the most supportive version of yourself you can be for the people you care about

Have a strong interest to explore, understand, and reflect on the potential sources of difficulty and paths to improvement and greater life enjoyment

Enjoy expressing inner thoughts and feelings in situations where you deem appropriate

Interested to work on any follow up assignments in between sessions that we identify together as highly valuable (~up to 1-3 hours per week)

Participation Requirements

Complete discovery questionnaire application (~1 hour)

Fill out weekly session feedback forms (~10 minutes) and a more detailed post-program review (1 hour)

Complete any weekly follow up tasks that we identify together as highly valuable (2-3 hours max unless more desired)

Able to meet weekly for 4 weeks by video conference

Try to communicate honestly with me throughout the program about your thoughts on the coaching process and our relationship

Timeline & Scheduling

Accepting applications until January 16th, 2024

Application decisions made within 1 week of submittal

First 4 coaching sessions scheduled for week of Jan 22 through week of February 12th

Time slots provided on a first come first serve basis Sunday & Monday between 10am-4pm EST

Sessions are held by video conference and require video/audio

What comes after

If you are enjoying our work together and find it valuable for you, we can discuss extending the relationship

To the extent the interest to extend is mutual, I am offering an additional 4 weeks of ongoing coaching at a 50% discounted rate of $75/hr to anyone who participates in the PILOT program

That offer is valid for up to 1 week after completion of the PILOT program and covers up to 4 weeks of additional sessions

Any long term coaching after that 2 month period would be billed at $150/hr